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Nwèl 2023 é joudlan

Haiti’s independence Soup

Emmanuel W. Védrine

Soup endepandans Ayiti

(Haitian squash soup joumou – New Years’ Day / Haiti’s Independence Day)

(Courtesy EDA & IVFOSENP)



Soup for Haiti’s development at all levels

Soup to open the eyes of young people and orient them in the right way
Soup for decolonization of all Haitian leaders’ mentality
Soup to decentralize Haiti for its development
Soup for business development and investment
Soup for tourist development and attraction for Haiti to make money
Soup for the Haitian people to develop pride in working together  
Soup for all communes’ development
Soup for free and compulsory education for all Haitian children
Soup to develop infrastructures for Haiti’s development
Soup to dig more canals for agriculture everywhere in Haiti
Soup to have a campus of Haiti’s State University in the ten geographical divisions
Soup to have free schools in all communes and their rural sections
Soup to have covered opened markets in all communes
Soup for youth to learn trades in all schools
Soup to create ports and airports in all geographical divisions
Soup for Haitians to learn to take their responsibility
Soup for Haitians to learn to do clean politics for Haiti’s development
Soup for Haitians to know who are Haiti’s friends and enemies
Soup for Haitians to stop relying on foreign countries for everything
Soup for Haiti to stand up and walk for 220 years of independence
Soup for Haiti to stop crawling as a baby since 220 years
Soup to decongest Haiti to open development doors
Soup to develop partnerships with other countries in mutual respect
Soup to develop effective leadership for Haiti’s development
Soup to put an end to selfishness, hatred against one another, and against those who are doing good things
Soup to stop rural exodus in all communes through agricultural development
Soup to open all Haitians’ eyes
Soup for Haitian leaders to stop functioning as subservient of other countries
Soup to clean up Haiti’s garbage
Soup for all Haitian to learn to develop adulthood
Soup for a practical education in all schools
Soup for a great army that’s protecting Haiti and one that’s not subservient of other countries
Soup for agricultural production everywhere in Haiti so that our belly does not depend on neighboring countries
Soup for exchange programs with universities abroad
Soup for environmental protection
Soup to reforest the entire Haiti in less than ten years with schools’ help on Fridays
Soup to use human resources in diaspora for Haiti’s development
Soup of security for everyone to be able to go out for their activities
Soup for training session and orientation for youth
Soup for training session to develop effective leadership in all communes
Soup for solidarity among Haitians in Haiti and the diaspora to work together
Soup for all Haitians to do something to help in Haiti’s development
Soup for transparency in all that we are doing to show seriousness
Soup for a new Haiti many Haitians are dreaming of.


Note. • Teaching materials for Haitian Bilingual Programs & for learners of Haitian Creole : Materyèl pedagojik / didaktik pou Pwogram Bileng Ayisyen e pou aprenan (moun k ap aprann) kreyòl. Collection «Kri pou liberasyon : Cry for liberation : Grito de liberación : Cri de libération».
January 1, 2024. © E. W. VÉDRINE. Author’s Biography.


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