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Emmanuel W. VEDRINE

Photo: E. W. Védrine Creole Project, Inc.

For (short term) missionary trips: connect with Eglise de Dieu Union des Chrétiens. Addres: Kaya Abnacie, #7-a /Brievengat-Bieu, CURAÇAO. Contact person: Pastor Josias Joseph. Tel. (5999) 667-2307 (+whatsApp),  e-mail uniondeschretiens@gmail.com


Pou vwayaj misyonè (a koutèm): conekte ak Eglise de Dieu Union des Chrétiens. Adrès: Kaya Abnacie, #7-a /Brievengat-Bieu, CURAÇAO. Moun pou kontakte: Pastè Josias Joseph. Tel. (5999) 667-2307 (+whatsApp),  email uniondeschretiens@gmail.com

For marriage & honeymoon, planification, vacationsvisits, touristic sitesbeach activities, and cruseships... Guided visits in Curaçao with professional touris guides, contact MARIE’s TAXI, Tel. (5999) 520-2784 (+whatsApp), e-mail nocky24@live.com Have fun during your vacations in dushi Curacao (sweet country)!


Pou planifikasyon maryaj & lindemyèlvakansvizitvizit sit touristikaktivite nan plaj, e kwazyè bato touris... Vizit gide nan nan Kiraso ak gid touris pwofesyonèl, kontakte MARIE’s TAXI, Tel. (5999) 520-2784 (+whatsApp), imel nocky24@live.com Anmize w byen pandan vakans ou nan dushi Kiraso (peyi dous)!

For research related to the history of Haitians in Curacao, Haitian language and culture, (related) conferences, contact: (1) Benito Desroches Bentderoche@hotmail.com (2) E. W. Védrine Creole Project creoleEditions@gmail.com   Pou rechèch ki an rapò ak istwa Ayisyen nan Kiraso, lang e kilti ayisyen, konferans (ki an rapò), kontakte ak: (1) Benito Desroches Bentderoche@hotmail.com (2) E. W. Védrine Creole Project creoleEditions@gmail.com

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  • Charla Lingwista Haitiano Emmanuel W. Védrine na NAAM (Curacao). Linguistic talk. “On Haitian Creole  Bibliography, 200 years of publications”. Courtesy of Myriam Lavache (Kreyòl Pale, Kreyòl Konprann Institute of Spoken Kreyol. Curacao; Richenel Ansano (Director of NAAM]; Yaniek Pinedo Védrine (translator). 2016.
  • Curaçao (Pais Kòrsou, Kòrsò) : Curaçao (pays Curaçao). Arts / Murals; Gallery; Landscape.
  • Curaçao welcomes Haiti’s President, Michel Martelly : Kiraso di bon bini a prezidan Ayisyen an, Michel Martelly.
  • For a Green Curaçao (Writing Project, launched in 2018).
  • Haitians’ Presence and Contribution to the society of Curaçao : Prezans ak Kontribisyon Ayisyen nan peyi Kiraso.
  • History of Haitians in Curaçao (writing project).
  • Temporada di sekura na Haiti (Haitian novel in Papiamentu language; English summary. Lexical data (for hyper base software for dictionaries). [The novel has been translated to English by the author (Emmanuel W. Védrine). [Text in pdf format : Tèks an fòma pdf]; VEDCREP: Boston (edition, 2013, 163 p. [“In Sezon sechrès Ayiti, the author presents a Haiti the way it exists through the eyes of characters. Sezon sechrès Ayiti is a historical novel written in the Haitian language and one that is written in a simple language, presented in a historical, political and economic context: what happened in Haiti, what happened recently, and what continues to happen. The philosophy and psychology of the people are about the same: they all would like to see a beautiful Haiti, one where everyone can work together. They are victims of the drought, of the crimes going on in the country and o abuses done to them. They are leaving Haiti for same causes though they like the country but the situation forces them to leave. Despite of all the crimes and abuses committed to them, they don't ask for anything wrong to happen to the criminals, but they would like them give up all that is evil, they would like them to change so that there can be a real change in the country”.].


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