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Kwéyòl Dictionary

edited by
David Frank
compiled by
Paul Crosbie, David Frank, Emanuel Leon and Peter Samuel
published in Castries by
the St. Lucia Ministry of Education.

First Edition
Copyright © 2001 SIL International
ISBN #976-95091-1-6



The Kwéyòl Writing System
Kwéyòl – English
English – Kwéyòl

Kwéyòl Dictionary

Some quotes from the back cover:

Dame Pearlette Louisy, Governor General of St. Lucia: “A most timely contribution to the on-going efforts to promote the use and acceptance of our Kwéyòl  language. It sets us firmly on the road to reclaiming our own voices and to documenting those to all for the free contestation of both our languages in our present-day society and to ensure that our historical memory is preserved in its entirety.”

Prof. Lawrence D. Carrington, University of the West Indies: “An excellent work — a first class working tool for users and learners of St. Lucian. The cross-referencing of entries, the pointers to synonyms and antonyms as well as the inclusion of etymologies make it a valuable contribution to the study of all Caribbean French-lexicon Creoles.”

Prof. Michael W. Apple, University of Wisconsin: “Language and identity are integrally connected. Throughout the world the loss of language heritage has been one of the most destructive tendencies, often leading as well to the loss of a people's roots and their basis for cultural continuity in times of rapid change. Because of this, the publication of this dictionary by the Ministry of Education in St. Lucia is a crucial act both of preservation and of enabling all of us to understand the power and subtlety of Kwéyòl.”

Monsignor Dr. Patrick A.B. Anthony, Founding Director of St. Lucia's Folk Research Centre: “Many voices and experiences carry the St. Lucian story, but no single medium captures our spirit like Kwéyòl.

Dr. Didacus Jules, Permanent Secretary in the St. Lucian Ministry of Education: “If language is the vehicle of historical memory, this dictionary in the hands of the public is the key to unlock the door of possibility for all that Kwéyòl historically, currently and in the future represents.

Prof. Hazel Simmons-McDonald, University of the West Indies: The dictionary will be an excellent reference not only for proficient and novice writers of Kwéyòl, but also for those who use the language for communication via the media and in other public as well as private domains.

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