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Betty Fortunat

Born and raised in Haiti, Betty FORTUNAT lived in a quiet low and moderate-income neighborhood located in the heart of Haiti’s capital city (Port-au-Prince). She is a wife and mother of two. She is a rare combination of being the oldest and the youngest in her family. After graduating from Secondary School, she went to a technical school located in Petion-Ville (Haiti), Business Institute of West Indies (BIWI) where she earned a diploma in Ticketing and Tourism. Then, she beat the odds by being the first-generation college student in her family. She also attended University of Port-au-Prince where she studied Accounting. With these skills, she was able to land her first job at an engineering firm. From there, she transitioned to a retail store and a radio station; that is where she was introduced to journalism • As her love and passion for journalism grew, she promptly enrolled in a communication school where she received an Associate Degree in Communication. She was able to combine her talent, passion, and skills. With this new degree, she worked for Radio Maxima and Radio Planète as newscaster, and for Radio Personality as marketing director. She stayed there for three years, pursuing her passion, and enjoying once-in-a lifetime opportunities • Then something strange happened: in December 1999, she received an irresistible job offer from a national bank in Haiti. She knew she wanted to enter the world of financial services. She was always fascinated about financial literacy, plus she had an accounting background. It did make sense for her to accept the job offer •  She started her banking career which was a foreign territory for her. Throughout the years, she worked in different departments, and learned different aspects of the banking industry such as customer service, operations, marketing, and administration • For seven years, she enjoyed this experience until she made a radical change. She migrated to the USA in 2007 to be with her father after thirteen years of not seeing each other. It was a tearful and joyful reunion at the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia • She went through the process of going back to school, and was able to earn some credentials. She first earned her Associate Degree in Business Management from Chattahoochee Technical College. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Leadership Management from Shorter College, and her MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) with a concentration in Finance from OhioState University • With purpose and tenacity, she accepted a position as a bank teller in 2008 at Wachovia Bank. Not only did she integrate the American banking industry, but she also climbed the corporate ladder. She is currently serving as a Vice President with the Consumer Banking Division in Atlanta, Georgia • Fortunat is also an Adjunct Professor, teaching Business Management in one of the largest private universities in the United States. She is a motivational speaker who inspires and empowers her clientele and audiences to improve personally, professionally, and financially • She has served as Vice President of Membership with Toastmasters International. She is currently serving as counselor on the Board of ITIAHaiti, an artistic and literary nonprofit organization whose mission is to revive Haitian Culture while coaching youths to build their leadership through the arts while focusing on the development of the Haitian culture, fighting for the scrupulous respect of human being, and teaching pragmatism, and self-reliance as the best avenues to Haiti’s Success • In 2020, she was appointed Ambassador for the prestigious empowering organization Every Girl wins, representing Haiti, helping young people to break barriers by overcoming limiting beliefs. • As a volunteer with United Way, Fortunat has served as a Certified Financial Coach, helping individuals and businesses thrive. She owns and operates several business ventures as an avid entrepreneur • Growing up, Fortunat enjoyed music journaling. She had a thick notebook full of lyrics that she handwrote. She thanked this exercise for being the spark that ignited her writing career. As author, she has written several genres including non-fiction, business non-fiction, novel, and self-help. She represents the change she wants to see in her community stands for equal ground, respect for all, and social justice. Her ultimate goal is to go beyond the classroom as a published author, reaching a broader audience through her published books: Before you Flip, This Friend Inside, The Color of Your Accent and Fortune Up • She wants to reach a global audience of Caribbean individuals to reinforce their self-esteem and remind them how powerful they are. As Caribbean and Haitian immigrant, she prides herself to be a positive voice, a role model, and a vivid example in her community • In 2021, she birthed Fortune Foundation Ministries, a ministry of financial education focusing on empowering and mentoring youths and adults, coaching business owners, and helping first-generation immigrants to go from Good to Great. An outreach of this mission is Fortunately Femmes which specifically empowers local, women-owned businesses • Fortunat knows what it takes to elevate a good business to true greatness with a firm foundation that will last for years to come. Through her Fortune Learning Center platform, she works with business owners to help them understand and establish their business credit. Her unique insights and leadership have helped numerous organizations transform their operations with clear direction and proven systems that suit their individual needs • In addition to her professional endeavors, Fortunat also uses her talents to help and support several non-profit organizations such as MEPHA and Destination Pure & Kingsmen Inc.  With a heart for service and a work ethic that delivers results, she is a valuable resource for anyone looking to grow or expand their brand • With more than two decades of experience in the business industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge and personal passion for helping others succeed. She is passionate about immigrant communities, and pours her heart and soul into seeing them win • Her hobbies are many, including reading and writing, singing and dancing, as well as cooking for her family topping the list. When you are ready to take the next steps in your business, reach out to Betty Fortunat. As she says to each of her valued clients, Let’s build your Fortune!. Email & Facebook contact.

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