Caribbean Indian Folktales

Collected by Kumar Mahabir, Ph.D.
Illustrations by Angali Dabideen & Preddie Partap
San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago: Chakra Publishing House.
2005. xviii + 164 pp. TT $80. or (US $18). Paperback
(Price includes handling and postage)
ISBN 976-95049-2-0

Folktales Kumar Mahabir

Il s'agit du plus riche recueil de contes de l'Inde dans la Caraïbe transmis de génération en génération pendant plus de 150 ans par les conteurs indiens de Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaïque, Sainte-Lucia et Grenade. Ils sont présentés en anglais créole, avec une "traduction" en "Standard English". Le livre contient aussi des dessins et des thèmes de discussion et autres activités pédagogiques. C'est donc  à la fois un livre de collection, et un manuel pour le secondaire.

Caribbean Indian Folktales written as a collector's item for personal pleasure and as a textbook for secondary schools Caribbean Indian Folktales is an interesting, authentic and useful book. It is the first and largest collection of its kind to be written in the original English dialect of the storytellers. Each tale is also accompanied by a Standard English translation which has been sensitively written so as to retain the spirit and rhythm of the original narration. 

The book consists of a collection of 25 stories which have been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth from India to the Caribbean for over a century and a half. 

The tales were tape-recorded from tradition-bearers in Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica, St Lucia and Grenada since 1980.

The book can be used

  • as a textbook for language and literature courses in secondary schools
  • as resource material to learn more about the Indian culture in the Caribbean, and
  • to enhance multicultural understanding.

The book includes

  • stylised drawings,
  • and questions requiring discussion, analysis, group activities and individual work.
This book is a valuable document of our language and cultural practices. - Professor Vibert C. Cambridge, Ph.D., Chair, Department of African-American Studies, Ohio University, USA

It represents a major contribution to the cultural heritage of the Caribbean. - R. Michael Ballantyne, Founder and Past President of British Columbia Folklore Society, Canada.

Dr. Mahabir continues his brave effort in collecting, restoring and preserving artifacts of Indo-Caribbean culture which may otherwise have disappeared. - Dr Frank Birbalsingh, Professor of English, York University, Canada.

Caribbean Indian Folktales
Collected by Kumar Mahabir, Ph.D.
Illustrations by Angali Dabideen & Preddie Partap
English text. Paperback

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